KING KWONG is the #1 Hockey ebook on Amazon!

Good news for Doublejoy Books! Our most popular book this year is King Kwong: Larry Kwong, the China Clipper who broke the NHL colour barrier. But it's not only the most popular book released by Doublejoy Books. At the end of April 2024, this book reached #1 in its category on Amazon!

This ebook had so many downloads (in addition to a few paperback copies) that it was the #1 Hockey ebook. As well, it reached #1 for Hockey Biographies and even #1 for Biographies of Social Activists. Those are great categories to be #1! Doublejoy Books is very proud. And look at this quote from one of the book's reviews on Amazon: "a historical gem which should be cherished by every hockey enthusiast."

How does an ebook get to be #1? It helps that the writer of the afterword for this edition, Chad Soon, mentions this book as well as his own new book from Orca Books The Longest Shot, which he co-wrote with George Chiang. 
And it helps if, to acknowledge how much positive buzz there has been for the book King Kwong, Doublejoy Books set the price to download the ebook at FREE for a week coinciding with Chad Soon's biggest promotional events which support the Asian community. We've learned from Cory Doctorow that there are times to let people have free ebook copies of our titles. It's great to be part of the community events supported by Chad Soon!

That's not all. On Apple Books, King Kwong reached #9 in its category of Top Free Biographies & Memoirs. You can see the listing if you click on this link and scroll down a little:
It's great to share good news about this book!