Slice of Life books!

New in 2023 are the ebooks in our series Slice of Life!

First ebook in the series is No Parent Is An Island. Originally published in paperback 25 years ago by Hummingbird Press, this essay collection was the second title released by that small press, and the first book by author Paula Johanson. Most of these essays appeared first in Island Parent and other parenting magazines. Well-reviewed and popular in bookstores, at conferences, and farmers markets, this paperback is still found in public libraries across Canada. This collection of real life stories about parenting twins is now available for the first time as an ebook. 

The long-awaited sequel, Working Parent, is also available by popular request as the second ebook in the series. This essay collection also has real life stories, many of which were previously published in parenting magazines. Author Paula Johanson's humour is still the backbone of her storytelling. The twins are older now and the family adventures include more challenges on the farm north of Edmonton and visiting family on the west coast. Fans of the first book have been asking for a sequel; it's a treat to release it at last.

There's even another sequel! The third ebook in this series is Under the Plow. Here the essays are still focusing on real life stories, reaching from home into the rural community of Sturgeon County. These essays all appeared in author Paula Johanson's column which ran for nine years on the op-ed page of the Sturgeon Gazette newspaper.

Suitable for reading on your phone or computer or tablet, these ebooks tell inclusive stories of real life. They're available now from over a dozen online vendors. Request them at your public library!