New release is a 25th anniversary edition!

 New this spring we have a re-release of Paula Johanson's popular book No Parent Is An Island, first published by Hummingbird Press twenty-five years ago. This new edition is from Doublejoy Books, and it's available as an affordable ebook for the first time!

No Parent Is An Island explores those moments when life becomes ... an adventure! For author Paula Johanson, it has been an adventure complicated by twins, a farm, and a partner with an overdeveloped sense of humour. To say nothing of pigs, splendid isolation, and forgotten territory.

As Paula writes: Sometimes all it takes is a single lyric, like the Travelling Willburys singing "I've been robbed and ridiculed/ in daycare centres and night schools/ handle me with care" to get people in daycare centres and night schools across a continent singing bits of a song, all that season, while rocking their kids.

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