Giftmas 2022

 Tis the season for sharing and gift-giving, and there's one particularly good way to give and share that I'd like you to consider: a fundraiser for Edmonton Food Bank. 

When I lived in Alberta, Edmonton was the closest city to the farm. I have family living there, and the Edmonton Food Bank has been a great support to them and their friends & neighbours. So when my writer friend Rhonda Parrish asks a few of us writers to support a fundraiser for the Food Bank, it's just RIGHT to say YES. Each of us writers is posting on our blogs and social media about the Giftmas 2022 Blog Tour, supporting this Fundraiser.

As Rhonda wrote: 

When I decided to do it again this year and began the preparations it felt really good. It felt right.

It felt a bit like creating light in the darkness.

So that is the theme for this year, Light in the Darkness.

Because we can all use a little bit more of that in our lives, right? And for some people the food bank can be that -- a light in the darkness. A helping hand when you need it.

So this year we are aiming to raise $1,000 for the Edmonton Food Bank.

Because of their community connections and bulk-buying abilities, the Edmonton Food Bank can turn every $1 cash donation into 3 meals.

It's kind of like magic. And it means that if we reach our goal we will have provided 3,000 meals to struggling families at the darkest time of the year.

If you can help, please click on this link to donate:

Giftmas 2022 Fundraiser to benefit the Edmonton Food Bank

The donations are coming in at over $700 already -- and the Giftmas Blog Tour is just starting!

And if you can't contribute $$ to this cause, there are other ways to help. You can share the link for people to donate to this Fundraiser, boosting the signal among your friends and social media. Or, you can support a Food Bank in your own community, with money or volunteer time. You can support other services that make you feel connected to your own community. There is no one way to care about our neighbours, and plenty of ways to help.