New book series for children from Doublejoy Books

Doublejoy Books is pleased to announce the creation of a new series of books for young readers, to be called Young Science. These engaging titles will be released as ebooks and paperback books, and brightly illustrated with photos and drawings.

First in this series of books ideal for reading with children is Bat Poop Sparkles, available now from your favourite online vendors at this link. Bookstores and libraries can order it as well!

The title says lots, but doesn't say it all. You have to read Bat Poop Sparkles to learn how penguins keep their nests clean, and parrotfish make white sand beaches. If you've heard what bears do in the woods, you'll learn they don't do it in winter.

Bat Poop Sparkles is a book for young children to read with their families. Each pair of pages has a science fact about animal droppings and a simple sentence of explanation. At the end is a list of website URLS for more information on these animal facts.