Great Response During the Holiday Season!


In early Winter 2022, two of our newest titles are getting great response! Both of these nonfiction books were released in ebook format during the rush up to Christmas. 
First was Woolgathering, a short monograph discussing what's been published about Cowichan First Nations woolwork, from traditional weaving to their iconic knitting style. From gunboat diplomacy through colonial paternalism, there have been many changes in printed opinions about Cowichan woolwork, and now the artists have their own say. This book is based on Paula Johanson's defence for her master's degree. As one knitter wrote on Twitter: "Now, that's a defense I would have loved to hear!" There was also a spirited discussion of gunboat diplomacy near Cowichan, with author Nancy Marguerite Anderson on Twitter. Meanwhile on Kobo, by the middle of January Woolgathering was trending at #292 in its nonfiction category!

The second title released just before Christmas was Science Critters, an eagerly anticipated book of patterns to knit or crochet odd little animals. Response has been extremely positive among marine biologists, most of whom have been incoherent with squee at news that the ebook is now available. As of the middle of January, Science Critters was trending on Kobo at #312 in its nonfiction category!