Three titles now available in paperback!

 Three of the fiction titles from Doublejoy Books are now available in paperback as well as ebook formats. Small Rain has been available since this fall, and at this link you can find online retailers for both ebook and print copies. Now you can also find at your favourite online vendors both ebook and paperback copies of Plum Tree and of Island Views.

If you want to buy paperback copies through your favourite bookstore, just take these links to the store and they can order copies for you.

You can also tell your public library about any books from Doublejoy Books, and give them the links found on this website. Libraries can order copies of our books and ebooks through Overdrive. It's terrific to see our titles listed in library catalogues! Here's a link to find books by author Paula Johanson on Overdrive; the books dated for 2020 and 2021 (and soon 2022) are new releases from Doublejoy Books.