Preorders now available for Science Critters!


Did you ever want a seashore animal for a pet, but without an aquarium? How about a tarantula to sit peacefully on the arm of your sweater? In the book Science Critters, due for release in June from Doublejoy Books, you will find examples of toys or models of several small animals that have delighted both scientists and children.


cover image of Science Critters book showing a knitted seaslug

Here are explanations for making your own science critters of various kinds. Knitters will find patterns here to make an Octopus rubescens small enough to fit in a pocket, or an E. coli microbe big enough to hold in your hand. If you'd rather crochet a squid or a spider, there are options here for several multi-legged critters. 


Science Critters includes designs for a range of craft skills, from accurate models of a T4 bacteriophage virus to simple as an earthworm. Yarn and simple tools needed are easily found online, in neighbourhood shops, and thrift stores. Some of these critters are used by biologists during school visits, others are worn as jewellry, and hundreds have been given as toys for restless children.


photo of two crocheted squids

Doublejoy Books is delighted to release this practical discussion of making knitted figures for fun. The enjoyment of learning about science shows on every page as author Paula Johanson presents ways to represent living creatures with yarn. This is the author's forty-second nonfiction book, and her confidence is clear whether she welcomes the reader to marine biology or making toys.

Preorders can now be made for the ebook version of Science Critters, available in June from all major online retailers at this link: . The paperback and audiobook editions will be announced soon, and released later in 2021.