Giftmas Blog Tour

 On the 2020 Giftmas Blog Tour, Doublejoy Books is one of several websites supporting a fundraiser collecting donations for the Edmonton Food Bank. You can click here to find out more about the 2020 Giftmas fundraiser, and make a donation. It's really a good idea to click so you can read what organizer Rhonda Parrish has written about how food banks and food hampers can make a difference for families and individuals. Because of the Edmonton Food Bank's purchasing power, each dollar donated here is enough to provide three meals.

The 2020 Giftmas Blog Tour is happening during the coronavirus pandemic, so "emergency" has pretty much become "ordinary" over the course of this year. Here in this fundraiser is one way to cope with one part of the ongoing emergency: contribute at this link to a program supporting those of us who are vulnerable.

As someone who lived near Edmonton for 15 years, who has family and friends there, I can confirm that when vulnerable in Edmonton, any help and support are needed and appreciated. Rhonda Parrish has set up a fundraiser with achievable goals, that supports a needed service. You can read more about Rhonda at her website at this link.

In the history of the Giftmas fundraisers, there's been a steady climb in the amounts raised by donations for the Edmonton Food Bank.

2016 -- $521 raised out of a $500 goal

2017 -- $1,094 raised out of a $522 goal

2018 -- $1,127 raised out of a $750 goal

2019 -- $1,355 raised out of a $1000 goal

2020 -- with two days to go, we've already passed the $1000 goal. That's 3,000 meals!

Click on this link to donate today. Thank you!