Now available: Plum Tree

 The newest title now available from Doublejoy Books is Plum Tree.

Have you heard the term "ranobe" being used for short novels of light fiction, mostly for young adult readers? You just might find that Plum Tree could be described as ranobe. This short novel is compatible with adult and young adult readers. And, when compared with The Hunger Games or an epic fantasy series with dozens of characters, Plum Tree is lighter but thoughtful.

cover of Plum Tree novel. Title in big brass letters. Art shows a flowering branch from a plum tree.


There are dream sequences, including a nightmare, and dark thoughts. But the journey Tina is taking is a road trip with her dad. Details range from sagebrush and a murmuring river to orchards of fruit trees in a valley that fills with sunlight the colour of chamomile tea.

Check out this short novel at our distributor at this link. Our newest book is now available as an e-book in formats that make it ready for accessible reading on your computer, phone, or e-reader. Look here for news of the print edition coming in 2021!