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About Science Critters

"Spending the X-mas night crocheting with this amazing book by @PaulaJohanson. Trying to make a light gray seaweed critter as my first project and can't wait to crochet a colorful nudibranch when I get a hang of this new hobby!"

- @acnhmarie on Twitter at this link

"Where do I buy this?" - @thegeorge on Twitter at this link

"These are fantastic! Crooked and blobby are closer to nature." - @kathleenreed on Twitter

About King Kwong: Larry Kwong, the China Clipper who broke the NHL colour barrier

"Larry Kwong is absolutely a trail Blazer (and a Trail Smoke Eater). His stats show what a truly dynamic player he was and how deserving he was of an honest and real look by NHL brass, which with one game, I would say he obviously didn't receive."

-Link Snider on Twitter at this link


About Small Rain And Other Nightmares

"Brilliant! A collection of small gems, like bright word diamonds. I especially liked the development of fear, building to an amazing discussion of what scares us! I would recommend this book to anyone interested in developing the craft of writing. A true wordsmith!"

- David Mallett review on Amazon at this link

"Vividly evocative stories that will make you think. Highly recommended." -Amazing Stories magazine reviews Small Rain at this link


"Quiet little nightmares that sneak up on you when you're not looking. Paula Johanson is a master of the bucolic apocalypse."

-Peter Watts, author of Blindsight


"Reads like a spec fic Raymond Carver. Paula Johanson crafts small gems of stories that suggest to the reader much larger worlds."

-Ira Nayman, editor, Amazing Stories


"There's a lot of noise and flash in science fiction and fantasy and horror, perhaps something of an arms race as writers look for bigger ideas and wilder plots to drag in the reader. But off there, over to the side, sits Paula Johanson, deftly weaving subtle and quiet -- dare I say rural? -- moments from an everyday life that, thank goodness, doesn't exist for most, or at least some, of us. Even when faced with the most horrific circumstances she gives us gentle characters striving as hard as possible for peace and fellowship, and if you don't think that's the flashiest you can get in genre writing, then you haven't been paying attention."

-Derryl Murphy, author of Napier's Bones


A interview with Dawn Gibson in the Sooke News Mirror newspaper, June 19 2020 - at this link

Sooke author launches science fiction novel

Paula Johanson draws inspiration through ordinary life, science and technology 

Science fiction admirers are in for a literary delight.

Sooke author Paula Johanson is releasing a book, Small Rain and Other Nightmares, at the end of June. The science fiction book is comprised of a collection of short stories, with a running “eco-gothic, fantasy” theme throughout.

“The stories are all a bit darker than much of my other fiction, but they all fit well together because they were inspired from nightmares,” Johanson said. “I woke up and had to write it.”

Johanson will publish two other books this summer as well, one is titled Island Views, a novel with elements of mystery and romance.

The third book, Plum Tree, is more of a subtle science fiction novel. Johanson described it as a coming of age story about a depressed teenager, who while on a drive to her aunt’s house, goes through an internal change.

“It’s all about being in transition instead of having arrived,” said Johanson, noting the girl in the story experiences a form of time travel.

Johanson has published about 42 books, both fiction and non-fiction, and has worked as a professional writer for 35 years. She teaches writing workshops, has freelanced and worked for newspapers, as well as worked on various personal projects, such as a small magazine she made with her spouse and friends.

Ordinary life is where Johanson draws her inspiration from, whether it be out walking her dog, or in line at the grocery store, ideas for stories are all around. The author said she loves to learn about science and technology, and to see the way knowledge is put to action in the world by people.

“I don’t work as a professional biologist, or rocket engineer, but when I learn a little interesting fact about nature or science, I blend that together with what people get up in the morning to do,” said Johanson.

“Science is fascinating, technology is interesting, but what people do with it, is what inspires me.”

The three books will be published as e-books, and she expects the first book to be printed in hard copy by October, depending on the distributor. The e-books can be found on

Johanson said her goal is to have 10 books published in the next three years, and is on track to achieve it. She isn’t particularly concerned with selling an outrageous number of copies, rather than feeling good about her products, and finding success in reaching her target audience.

“I think the world would be a better place if anyone who thinks they would like to write a book, gives it a try,” said Johanson. “Don’t get too negative if you are not Margaret Atwood, and allow yourself to be the best darn person at writing the book that is yours.”