Doublejoy Books is the eclectic publisher of a variety of works of Canadian literature. There are plans for ongoing book projects during 2023, such as:
-the release of a new edition of No Parent Is An Island, a perennially-popular collection of parenting memories, as the first in the Slice of Life series
-the new series Young Science, with picture books for young readers and their families

You can go to our distributor and click on any book cover to find:
-works of speculative fiction and fantasy, including Small Rain and Other Nightmares, Plum Tree, and a new edition of Tower in the Crooked Wood
-cozy mystery tales of romantic intrigue, including Island Views and Fourwheel
-nonfiction books such as a new edition of the sports biography King Kwong: Larry Kwong, the China Clipper who broke the NHL's colour barrier and the memoir No Parent is an Island
-a series of biographies of Canadian prime ministers, starting with a new edition of Pierre Elliott Trudeau: Child of Nature, followed soon by Charles Tupper: Warhorse